Saturday, October 9, 2010

Germany :)

A picture is worth a thousand words - therefore, I'll tell the story of 2 weeks in pictures :)
Basically we left for Germany on the 31st and reached on the 1st - we all somehow got confused with the time and date due to the different time zone :P Arriving in Munich was really awesome. The weather was cold outside and yes, it was summer that time :)

Farewell to Malaysia at KLIA !

In Germany! And this was the hotel we stayed - Renaissance Hotel Munich :) We got there by taxi - well, not really a taxi. They call it a jumper van, a HUGE one. And the hotel we stayed was luxurious! The first minute you're having fun with the automatic door, then the next minute you'll see a Rolls Royce parking in front of the lobby. And you'll know how we tourist reacted :

sighhh he's a TOURIST

The empty hallway looked somewhat creepy yet fantastic

We were wondering why was the town so quite. Ah, it was Sunday :D

While waiting to check in, 10 of us took a stroll around the area, from eating cakes and drinking coffee to visiting churches :) We even got something for Madam which apparently is her favorite. Btw, nice pose Eniza :D
Yum... the cakes from Muller Bakery :D


Bro Thanen :)

Eniza :)

Chienyin :)

Sara :)

Behind the hotel - CY, Diyanah, Sara, Eniza, Qistina :) I don't know what exactly they wanted it to be but apparently fun was all we had!

Back: Zol, Peter
Front: One, Thanen, Akmal
Taking a subway is more or less normal for the Germans :) However they aren't taking pictures in it :P Whatever, we're the bruders kamen aus Malaysia :D

All of us at Marienplatz Munich :D This was where all our Euros were taken out :)
Awesome town it was. We more or less bought what we wanted there, even more! By looking at this picture, I recalled the moment I had the pomegranates we got there - tasty!

Subway's everywhere for you to go anywhere in Germany :)
Fascinated with the reflecting ceiling, we posed the "Menggapai Dunia" - EPIC !

The Marienplatz Square :) This is the landmark where we should meet up everytime :)

Something to be proud of :D We just appened to see the name on some alley and Peter was like =D

We heard people saying that when the bell on the clock rings every hour, the statues on top will dance - and that caught us for nearly 10 minutes waiting for it to dance. The moment we turned to our way back, disappointed, THEN it started to rotate and move :)

We had learnt the Deutsch for it and we happened to see it in the town. We were like rushing to take picture with it :D

And the catfish was next to it

We returned to the hotel for dinner and after a while of nap, all of us headed to the girls' suite. And this was what he had in the night :)
And we got ready to sleep for the REAL thing in the next day - Adventure Camp at Neuburg an Der Donau !!!

To be continued in Part 2 of Germany :)

JSLC Official Launching

On the 25th of July 2010, Team Germany of the JSLs which consists of 10 of them, went through an intensive training at SMK Mohd Khalid Johor Bahru in order to prepare them both physically and adaptation skills before going to Germany.

The participants arrived around 2.00p.m and after the program briefing with the parents, the JSLs were induced to respective dorms. That was where Team Germany get to know each other
much better without having to stand on ceremony. That was where the brotherhood and sisterhood bond started to exist.

Despite having their own courses to undergo, they go schooling like normal. Among the courses included are physical training, German language lesson, skills of adaptations for the Moslems, learning the Malaysian cultural dance - Zapin, Etiquette and International Relations, and Johor histories.

The school just happened to have examination on that few days and thus the JSLs also had to sit for them. However Akmal was excluded for having to go for swimming lessons as he was the only one who didn't know how to swim at that time. In the evening, the Moslem JSLs went for religious class in which they were guided by the Ustaz on the skills of adaptations in foreign countries where the environment is different from the place we are used to be. It was then followed by the physical training in which we were asked to go for a jog around the school blocks every morning. It was the guys who fixed the time at 5.30 and it was also the guys who woke up to jog at 6+a.m or missed them sometimes. At night, they had the Deutsch lesson by Mr. Khairul, a nice teacher who studied in Germany.

They also had Zapin dancing lesson taught by Mr. Arvanee. Never thought that dancing could be much exhausting than extreme sports. Even our rugby player JSL, Zol a.k.a Fish couldn't take it :P However One, who has a flair in dancing, had no problem in the learning sequences IF it was learning for him :) The day continued with swimming session at the pool for all the JSLs. All of them had loads of fun at the pool from swimming races to 3 metres thrilling dive. From some of them who didn't have confidence to swim across the 5 metres deep pool, they eventually ended up repeating the dive over and over again. They had a whale of time until dinner and had choir practice with Mr. Amin to prepare for the launching on next day :)

On the final - 29th July 2010 was a significant date for JSLC in which all the 20 of us were officially launched as the first cohort of the Johor Student Leaders Council. Speeches for given by our coach Madam Rosliza Rosli , the Chief Executive of IRDA and Johor Education Director by introducing JSLC and their relationship with Iskandar Malaysia. During the launching, we performed the JSLC theme song, 'Menggapai Dunia' in a choir. It was then followed by the photography session. A press conference was then held by the Johor Education Ministry Director and the Chief Executive of IRDA.

The following pictures were taken during the training and official launching. Enjoy! :)

Ah, memorable moment with Team Germany :)

With Mr. Arvanee, Zapin teacher

Group photo taken with the Johor Education
Director and Chief Executive of IRDA

Choir performance - Menggapai Dunia

Akmal, Peter, Chienyin, Thanen

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Introducing Hafiz Rahim :)

Name :
Hafiz Rahim Bin Mohd Ansari

School :
Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar / English College , Johor Bahru

Motto :
Do things that others cannot do

Hobby :
Any kind of sports

Hopes as a JSLC :
To do my best in carrying out my responsibilities as a member of a JSLC