Thursday, November 25, 2010

Charity Dinner Practices

Starting from the 20th of November to the 24th, all the JSLs gathered in Johor Bahru for practices and rehearsals for the Charity Dinner which is only a few days away from now. We took most of the time practicing the dance steps for Gemuruh Jiwa choreographed by Ridzuan and the sign language for 'We are the World' by Akmal Hakim and Thanendren Kanagalingam. Throughout the days, apart from few arguments we've had, the experiences and the moments we've spent together as a family had us attached to each other more tightly than ever. And we're sure that no amount of wealth could ever buy such friendship like ours. Below are some pictures taken during the days.

All thanks to JSL Ridzuan for the choreography!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cocktail Dinner at Puteri Pan Pacific .

5 JSLs were invited to attend a cocktail dinner at Puteri Pan Pacific sometime around early november . We took this opportunity to view our ballrooms , arrangements and not to mention to increase our network among society .



International Project Management Course . Selesa Hotel , Johor Bahru .


Saturday 04/09/2010

                    We arrived at the Selesa Hotel about 2.00pm. Then we checked-in and moved to our respective room. At the room we unpacked our things that we brought and put our feet up for a jiffy. At 3.30pm we went to the ballroom and our coordinator Madam Rosliza Rosli gave a small briefing about the main rationale of the course. Then she gave a parley on ‘What makes a JSL: Expectations and beyond’. Then she taught us the proper manners of sending email which I found very beneficial to me. For example, we have to use the appropriate salutations when we send an email. Next, she explained about how should a leader acts and reacts, time management and how to behave himself. She also articulates that a good leader can do multi-tasking in the vein of Tunku Abdul Rahman. It enthused me to be like him rather than being just an ordinary leader. Furthermore she also emphasized that we must always check what we left behind. According to her, people will generalize a person by just looking at the mess we left behind. They will capture that moment and will remember it for their rest of their life. So I grasped that I’m as leader should always create a good memorable memory for other people as they always observe us. We also have to bring our own experiences to interpersonal interactions as we are all observers of human behavior in many ways. Later, she admonished us on our time management. She exclaimed that time and tide waits no for man and every single second is vital and prized for a leader. She accentuated that we must be always be earlier than punctual as well. Besides she also talks about the necessary of language boundary. After that all of us went for a short break and came back to the ballroom at 5.30pm.

                     Then we conducted a meeting for ourselves. Actually we have been requested to carry out a charity dinner in order to give back to community. Twenty of us sat in group and came out with a list of committee for the charity dinner. During the meeting I learned many lessons. We should always respect other people’s opinion and must let them to speak out. I also ascertain that exceptional leaders will look within first to enrich enlighten and expand themselves. They use self-awareness to control themselves and ultimately to have greater influence on others. Later, we went for a dinner at 7.00pm. We came back at 8.30pm and our session continued with ‘Global Leaders: To know, To do, To be’ conducted by Madam Rosliza Rosli. First she explicated about the self-branding and the importance of self-branding. I realized that it’s really help one to develop an authentic sense of personal strengths, weakness, traits, styles and interpersonal abilities which are fundamental to be an outstanding leader. Afterwards she displayed an interview session of Don Knouss the CEO of Clorox from a TV series, Meet the Boss. Although the video was just about twelve minutes it left an ultimate impact on me. I learned that we should have the capacity to understand and respond effectively to the unique experience of another. I also discover that body is an excellent barometer of one’s feeling. We also should assess our own comfort level with silence. When attention is being paid and an empathic connection is made, silence can be a wonderful opportunity for further reflection on the whole story.  Subsequently, she discussed about the comparison between managers and leaders. Some of them includes a manager will spend the money while a leader will invest it. Besides a manager will plan while a leader will strategize. Then we moved to the last session ‘The camp adventure experience’. Some of my friends who participated in camp adventure at Germany shared their wonderful experience and what they learned there with us. They said we as a leader must always be prepared to lead people from miscellaneous culture, race, and language boundary. We adjourned about 11.30pm and went to our respective rooms to have forty winks.

Sunday 05/09/2010

                  We woke up and ate our breakfast at 7.00am. Then, we went to the ballroom for the JSLC meeting. Later at 8.30am Dr. Mehander joined us for the next session. He showed a great magnanimity by allocating his precious time with us and for sharing his penny of thoughts. First, he introduced to us some his International Projects. I found it very constructive as it helps me to get a rough brainchild on carrying out the International Project for my very school. Afterward, he carved up us into four groups according to our birth date and month. It really helped us to get to know each other better and to strengthen our bond. We sat in a group and Mr. Mehander asked us to write down the do’s and don’ts of JSLC. Then we pasted it on the ballroom’s wall and we went around and read everybody’s idea. It was attention-grabbing and also motivated us to be not only the better JSL but the best JSL. Later we stand in a group and Mr. Mehander asked every one of us to tell one word or phrase that we read on the wall. It was slightly challenging as we have to remember back what we read on the wall. However, it generated a positive outcome among us. Then, we went for a short break and came in at 30 minutes time. After that he elucidated at how should be the leaders’ maturity level. I became conscious that young leaders reminiscent of us should jumpstart our maturity level in order to be an excellent leader. He also discussed with us the difference between a work plan and a strategy. Work plan is what an organization wants to do as strategy is what an organization wants to be. He also let us in on the facts about the training at the WestPoint. Besides, he also said that leaders should not be NATO, No Action Talks Only.


  He stated that we have to carry the good values wherever we go as a group as well.  He continued the session by requesting us to list down the committee that we should have for the charity dinner. Later, we presented our idea in front of the other groups. Then, we went to take our dinner and  came at 9.00pm to the ballroom. Mr.Mehander continued his session by listing down the final list of committee that we need for the charity dinner. Then, he divided the committee into four groups and he said that we have to take in charged at the given committee. He told us to make an inventory for what we have to do for that particular committee. Later, every group came forward to expound their suggestion. Albeit it appeared down-to-earth, it left a remarkable sway among all of us. We learned how to carry out a project and the list of committee that we need for a project to be flourishing. After that, he talked about the leaders’ attitude. I discovered that a brilliant leader must not only excel in his leadership skills but ought to outshine in his attitude as well. As Mr. Mehander explained more on attitude he utter that leadership carried just about 97% while attitude carried 100% of a whole leader. Then he moved to the last session of the day. He asked us to list down the ways to augment the fund for the charity dinner. Then we presented it in front of other groups. I found that as leader we must always think critically and analytically in order to resolve crisis. Besides, I also comprehend that as a leader we must never relinquish easily. We adjourned about 10.30pm and went to our respective rooms to have a siesta.

Monday 06/09/2010

                  We woke up and ate our breakfast at 7.00am. Then, we went to the lobby about 8.00am to board a bus to Danga Bay to meet up with Mr. Ismail b Ibrahim the Chief Executive of Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA). We reached there about 8.45am and met with Mr. Ismail b. Ibrahim at the meeting room. During the meeting, we asked few questions to Mr. Ismail Ibrahim. Right after that, we went to meet with Mr. Akmal Ahmad the Director of Iskandar Development Management Sdn. Bhd.. We also had a meeting with him and asked few questions as well. It was really a pleasure to spend some time with both exceptional leaders, Chief Executive of IRDA and Director of Iskandar Development Management Sdn. Bhd.. During the meeting with both top corporate figures I ascertain many things from them. As a leader we should always focus and concentrate on the conservation without distraction. We also must focus on a process of nurturing self-awareness skills and competencies that individuals will require in order to perform in newly assigned supervisory or professional roles. Besides we also have to establish boundaries with individuals with whom one has a new relationship. I also discovered that an outstanding leader will always make a conscious effort to respond to what is left unspoken and give people a chance to explain themselves fully.  Later we went back to the hotel about 11.30am. We checked out and went back home with great memory and as well as the precious knowledge we got during this three days course.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Germany 2 :)

The next day, we checked out and to Munich airport again we went. While waiting for the other campers to arrive, we had lots of fun there :)

....and met a Camp Adventure teamer to bring us there. She was from Spain :)

We were brought to the campsite in the evening and that's where all the excitements happened, friends were made and memories were often looked back :)

That's our campsite ! :D

The dining tables, amazing eh?

Maral and Shota - our teamers ! They're amazing :)

The campfire - the place where we usually did waka waka dance :D

We are one ! =D

Akmal as the waiter on the Casino Night :)

Daniel, Peter, E-one and Akmal :D

That's our tent. We spent most of the time here during the siesta, apart from the fields :)

And there's the Casino Night !

Bartenders, Daniel and Qis =P

The swimming pool we had gone to. Apparently most of us can't swim there @.@

One day we went to the town for an outing and those above are the pictures :D

And there was the hiking where almost all of us were very eager to go !
But Akmal was unfortunately sick and was excluded from the hike =(

Akmal couldn't join the fun which he had been excited to go for the previous few days

Ah, Neuburg was captivating !
After the hike, people soon returned groups by groups. And the bored ttm Akmal sitted on the log, waiting for them :D
A few days after the hike, there was another event which we had been longed for - DISCO NIGHT! =D
Disco Pogo Dingelingeling !

Shotman with CY's shirt LOL

And the few final nights just were planned with whole lots of cool activities. There was one night where we can choose either one of the activities to join. Among those were Treasure Hunt, Ballroom Dance, Jungle Trekking, Fear Factor, Crazy Fashion Show and Night Wall Climbing.
While most of the JSLs went for ballroom dancing, Zol and Akmal chose to were to cooperate with the teamers to disguise as ghosts and help out in the jungle trekking. Walking through tall grasses and got tripped off by roots without a single torch light on was cool though.

Off to the jungle ! :)

Then the next nights were Talent Show and the Leadership Dinner where we prepared everything for the other campers for and actually did grilled cheese sandwich for the night. The theme was Music and thus there were music quizzes and musical performances going on after the dinner :D

Talent Night
This was the Leadership group's idea - the guys dress like the girls and vice versa :P

Also, we had Camp Adventure's Olympic on the last two days which was a real bomb before the end of the summer camp.


The three stooges =)
*Finally we had meat on the last day - fish fillet !!!

Team Yellow :)

These are the Olympic Fairies who give or deduct points base on the team spirit of one's house


And in the evening, there was the last ceremony of the camp - the Fire Show. Jan Vieth gave a speech before showing the slides of pictures that were taken on those 2 weeks. Many people were touched by looking back those that happened, the moments we had spent together, the friends we had made there and the lives we had to adapt. Thanen was chosen to proudly represent the Malaysian Team to light the camp fire :) After the ceremony, was the cert giving ceremony to all those Leadership campers. In return, we gave the teamers a chocolate bar each to thank their awesome job done to us for that two weeks.

Shota and Maral busy choosing their favorite flavour


Camp Adventure in Germany was a memorable experience, our scopes perspectives has got widened globally, and we learnt ways to adapt in different environment or be it in a situation. Team Germany is really thankful to those who were responsible giving us the opportunity and taking us that far. :)