Sunday, February 13, 2011

Johore International Student Leaders Conference 2011

The Johore Student Leaders Council Cohort 1 would like to kindly inform that we will be organizing our very first Johore International Student Leaders Conference on the 23rd and 24th March 2011. We would really appreciate the participation of students from all over the world to our conference with the theme "Student Leaders in the Face of Global Diversity". Do visit,_Johore_Bahru,_Malaysia.html   for more information.

    The aim of JISLC 2011 is to encourage student leaders from schools (age 13-18) throughout Asia and beyond to meet and exchange ideas, views, initiatives, and visions on an international platform; engaging in a cross-cultural learning environment.

Young leaders today face multitude of challenges as they try to understand and embrace the changes that are taking place across the globe. Indeed, they must respond to these challenges so they can effectively reach out to as many people as possible. Understanding global diversity requires student leaders to compare and contrast their culture with the customs, philosophies, beliefs, arts, languages as well as the ways of living of other people. Acknowledging diversity means accepting people as they are and understanding what makes them think they way they do.

As people become more diverse, young leaders must learn how to communicate with them as individuals if a vision is to be shared, a cohesive group to be formed, and a goal to be achieved… Developing a leadership in response to global awareness, diversity and ethics will give young leaders an edge as they build relationships with people from all over the world”.

Wanda Herndon, Columbia College

To this end, the Johore Student Leaders Council (batch 2010) takes this honour to extend a cordial invitation to young student leaders across the globe to congregate at this inaugural conference that will perhaps mark the very first milestone undertaken by global leaders of tomorrow.