Friday, December 24, 2010

JSLC Charity Dinner 2010

JSLC Charity Dinner
Captivating Minds, Touching Hearts
29 November 2010

Today was the day we were waiting for. Today was the reason of our long time hard works. And today, we'd done our very best to fulfill all our expectations and hopes to give back to the community after we've gone so far. Without supports and opportunities given by those who were involved directly and indirectly. Without them, there might be no JSLC. Therefore, we took an opportunity to organize a charity dinner intended to give back to the community, as in the special children in particular, and also give thanks to our parents whom without their support, we mightn't be what we are today.

Also, part the profit we've gained is intended for the International Conference 2011 which will be held around March, 2011.

Below are the pictures during the Charity Dinner on 29 November, 2010.

A few hours of preparations before the Dinner

The arrival of guests

Registration crew on duty

Tay Xiu Jin, Sara Adriana, and Tan Chienyin

The Charity Dinner's Project Director, Tan Chienyin giving a speech

JSLC's performance, Gemuruh Jiwa choreographed by JSL Ridzuan

Dancing performance by JBSLB

Choir performance by the students of Infant Jesus Convent JB

'We Are The World' Sign Language Performace by JSLC with children from Persatuan Sindrom Down Johor choreographed by JSL Akmal and JSL Thanendren

JSL Akmal with Tan Chienhui

JSL Zolfazreen
JSL Thanendren with Rasul

Adibah Noor with her spectacular performances

Adibah Noor with JSLC, dedicating 'You Raised Me Up' to our parents who have always been supporting us

We shall express our deepest appreciation from the bottom of our hearts for those involved and helped us to make this night a huge success. Thank You

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